Tortoise Shell
Hi David could you post a pic of the whole Mad. F Cole I have a couple of them totally different.
Mine gets filtered light all day , no direct light , probably 6 years old .

Mine King of Siam is getting the morning sun…Too much sun, probably. I’ll move it one day. The east part of my house is getting crowded because I plant everything there to establish.
Surprisingly, I have a Big Old Oak Tree in the back yard (west) but it is not really helping. I cannot plant anything under it because of roots and it is too much of afternoon sun everywhere else on that side...
Pix, these little babies are a very big help when planting in a root filled area.
:( I've just bought a Milwaukee Sawzall…but too late. I already have a “tennis elbow” for a year…got a steroid shot…and it is back again L I keep removing the old Sweet Viburnum bushes:(
What is that little seedling? Looks like Magnificent to me...
The plants that i have growing in the shade seem to be really holding there colors the best Hows yors doing ? the one that are getting any direct sun are a lot darker .

Mine is growing well,still kinda small but the older leaves are starting to show some good color.I will take a pic when it gets a little bigger.It seems to be a pretty good grower.