Tree Form Croton


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I have a few Crotons that I am trying to grow into small tree form. But I could not pass up this one for five bucks. A little TLC and it should look real good.


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Ricky got a "Tree Form" Piecrust from me at the garden tour - over 7 ft. Emmalou just left the Moose Land "Tree Form" Piecrust over the 6 ft. mark. Rec'd them all stretched out and under potted. They both have good homes now were they will get loved.

Ricky - did you get that sucker in the ground yet? Easy digging up your way - even for a 15 gallon plant.

Scott - bring a van to Moose Land - be happy to fill it up with some "Tree Form" crotons. Just cost you the gas - they are looking for a good home. Gonna plant them at a church otherwise ... :rolleyes:

Crazy for Crotons

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I saw a tree form croton ay my local Lowe's and it was loaded with scale. I showed the garden center manager and he yanked the plant.