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A few from the garden (any excuse to take a break from pulling weeds)
1-jungle queen
2 thomas edison
3&4 dr.browns coppinger


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wow the coppinger is looking awsome you need to show more of your collection told you your yard is awsome you should invite more to see your palm and croton collection

Is that the actual name, Dr Brown's Coppinger? I'm also curious, who gets creit for the plant? Frank Brown, or was it a Henry Coppinger plant? It's pretty nice I have to say. And like Bill said, I would love to see more pic's of your garden. Thanks.
There are two crotons with the Frank Brown name, one is a Davis plant, and the other is Coppingers Frank Brown.
Jeff,I believe from what I was told it was a coppinger plant,I was given a Cutting of this plant close to 2 years ago from Bob Alonzo-John Shelton
Bill also was given one and I have not seen his latley, this is a very slow grower along the lines of exotica (at least for me )
I started collecting palms only 4-5 years ago and crotons about 3 years my palms are small and nothing too amazing size wise yet.Anyways I will post some pics from time to time.
Andy - your Thomas Edison looks perfect. The Coppinger's Dr. Brown is simply spectacular. :cool:

Too bad so many of the real beauties are slowl. Would you rate it as Mona Lisa slow? :confused:

Thanks for sharing!
president regan

Moose,In my opinion I have a cutting of mona lisa same age that is double the size of the coppinger but the monalisa is in the ground and the coppinger is still in a pot reason being that a cold winter was instore last year so I left it potted up for easy removal inside but of course we had a warm winter, I am going put it in the ground this week and compare the growth rate


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Andys is going to be a lucky man he will be gtting my collection soon the bank one he should have great pics coming , althought his yard is awsome already