Three nice cultivars


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Here are three nice cultivars that I enjoy. Wish I saw more of these planted in Florida gardens!

1st one is Dreadlocks.

2nd one is Christian's Landscape.

Last one is Baron Rothschild peaking out from beneath a Dypsis pembana palm. :)

Boy we really need a meeting. I hope posting pictures and the weather change will get everyone fired up!


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Jeff Searle

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Yes, these are nice varieties. And like you, I'm more than ready for a croton tour, but I'm sure everyone's plants are still recovering. I think a meeting later this summer/fall is more likely to happen. I just started this week to put down some fertilizer in some areas of my yard, including crotons,palms and shrubs, and then I'm following up and putting down mulch. I just got 3 truck loads of the free tree trimmings. The qiuker I can clean up the yard, trim things back and spread some freah mulch, the quicker I can forget about this past winter's cold!