This is a ...


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... very old croton. :) For sure it is a ... aaaaagh. :confused:


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Jeff Searle

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Where in the hell do you drive each day? Is there some sort of a Croton National Park near you that we don't know about?


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The truth is that this croton was found at a house that has not been lived in for about 6 months now. Seemingly people continue walking away from their homes and mortgages in my general area.

Some cultivars are being found in yards that are not visable from the street. I would never had ventured onto these properties while occupied. This particular house is within a block of my home. It is the first time I have not seen someone living there in 17+ years. Many of these "finds" were made while walking Stretch & Missy Ann. :)


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Still got a For Sale sign and not lived in. I think I need to go back and do a small trim ... :eek: If the croton scale has not already killed it :(