the name game


a few im keeping


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well its real the first pic is a true kurconis if that how you spell it , second is tugboat , not sure the next

Bill - if you are transplanting the Richard Krukonis to a container, I would suggest to put it in a 7 gallon container at least. More to keep the roots warm in the winter than for root expansion. I have noticed that 3 gallon containers can cool down completely during cold fronts - really putting a hurting on the plant. Plants may defoliate from cold but can be replaced in the spring as long as the roots remain in good condition. One of the reasons I am pushing to get my root bound 3's in the ground. Roots are more happy (as in warm) in the ground.

I would do the same with your Tugboat Annie :)
It's really great to see that this plant is not lost. There are very few of this around and it would be a huge lost to loose it all together. Bill, it looks extreamly nice, and hope it grows into a big bush over the years for you. It's one of those "Holy Grail" plants.'s spelled Richard Krukonis.
thanks guys really good to see you at the show , yes jeff tortoise is common but one of my favs thanks and only supporting the locals . and thanks to mr Shelton for adding to my collection , picked up don q on the way home from the ramble . also great to see marie and getting some confermations yes I don't know how to type or spell