The Heat Is On


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Mike stopped by the other day to do a bit of trading. He brought this just recently harvested air layered plant jammed into a one gallon container needed a larger container.

Heat Wave 1.JPG
Heat Wave 2.JPG
Heat Wave 3.JPG
Unsure as to the origin of this cultivar. Jeff Searle is the source, not sure if its his seedling or one of the Grady plants? Heat Wave has some vivid deep orange colors. With sun hitting its leaves an iridescent explosion of color reflects. Pictures can't do it proper justice.
Heat Wave 4.JPG
Heat Wave 5.JPG

Look how big this plant is, can't believe how Mike had it in that gallon container looking soooo good. :rolleyes: Thank's Mike - gotta find a brightly lit area for this one, I think the Blotched Charmer's destiny is to get moved to outside of the fence.

Heat Wave 6.JPG