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Plant Nut

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I remember some months back; The subject of using info and pictures from Frank Brown's Book or books was brought up on this forum and should we obtain permission from him to reproduce same here. Well duh???? Of course we should but, did anybody ever do it?

I don't know him well enough to approach him with this request. I did visit with him, at his place, 15 to 20 years ago. I liked him and found him delightful.

Someone that knows Frank Brown well needs to broach this subject with him. Either we can or we can't! If it was never asked, dare I say, now is the time to do so?
Someone needs to show him this site, show him Jeff's topic on him. Show him the wiki, and assure him of adequate credit, etc.

If he is anything like the other older "legends" I have had the pleasure of knowing, they have no real idea of how the web of today works, with Hi-Def pics on hand-held tablets in the field.

If the book is no longer in print, and never will be again, perhaps it could be carefully recreated to be presented online in its entirety. Depending on what format it is preserved in at the printer's archives, or where ever, there may be something we could do. Maybe even offer a subscription fee to get access to it online. I doubt there would be much to offer him financially, but it may help the Society, and he may wish to help the Society.
Just to clarify Plant Nut, you are referring to both books? The first I have never had the pleasure of seeing. The second would be a joyful experience too. Althought I own it, can you imagine seeing the large color stills enlarged? Wow.
I think we are well intended but still need to find out those unanswered questions regarding legality and most importantly his wishes. Someone other than him may own the rights be it a publisher or someone he deemed. The most important thing is that we get permission from whomever. The possibility is enticing though! I would love to even see his transcripts prior to publishing with all the cross outs and rewrites.