Thai hybrid - Sum Yung Gi?


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Visited Mike (Bullwinkle) this last Saturday. He gave me this Thai hybrid that he took and rooted this cutting. What is most interesting about this Thai hybrid is that the mother plant has been in the ground for the past 9 years. Actually survived the winter events two years ago. :cool:


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I have 3 or 4 Thai hybrids that have survived longer than 6 years. None of them have more than five leaves. None of them are taller than 18". If I recall correctly, they were $25 each and I bought 10 of them. The best looking of the lot, and not even worthy of a photo, I call "Who Flung Dung".
The mother plant is around 7ft and very,very full.It was part of 100 Thai plants that the owner brought in 8 years ago_Only 7-8 are left and of those only 3-4 look good.They have all been exposed to the last two winters so the ones that are alive are definitely cold hardy.He had around 20 varieties that were alive in the ground up to winter 2009.Just the 8 survivors are left,he said that he some of the 20 survivors were spectacular before Dec 2009.....
It looks like Thai varieties have around 5% survival here,not very good odds!!
Here's a few from over here in St. Pete: The large colorful one is a purchase from Cleo at the Fall USF Sale and is holding up well this winter. The other two have been in the ground 5+ years; to call them slow is an understatement


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