TFEPS Meeting !


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TF and EPS Meeting !

Next Meeting,
Monday, February 25
The Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant
Society, is pleased to present Mr.
Craig Morell at our February meeting,
at Fairchild Tropical Botanic
Garden (the Corbin Building), Monday,
February 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Tricks of the Gardening Trade--New
Ways to Do Old Things and Rediscovering
Old Ways for New Growers
Pinecrest Gardens Horticulturist
Craig Morell will lead a diverse discussion
on some of the myriad tactics
used to grow and repair tropical
plants. He will cover some of the
tried-and-true basics of propagating ,
recovering and growing some of the
more exotic tropical plants we grow
in this area. Some of the oldest gardening
techniques still work well, yet
new growers may not know of them,
and there are always revisions to
some techniques based on new technology
Happy Bday, what is that 45 in Moose years rite. Sorry we missed it worked late on the irritation system still not finished the city guys don't keep any schedule.