Tentative date for the Croton Party

I'll probably be in Arkansas. Doris and I flip flop family time between Christmas and Thanksgiving. This year is Ar for Thxgvg. Not sure when we're leaving though.
I have our annual Garden Gathering event at the Deerfield Beach Arboretum on the 17th. It is from 9am to 2pm and although I could not go to Ricky's or Randy's place, I would welcome anyone here for a before or after thing. Not exactly next door but only few miles away. Could make it an "All Day CRA".
Anyone else? I know a bunch of the regulars are in Thailand. Moose?

It's a little ways off, but the date looks pretty good for now. And Thailand was "off the chain"!!! I did bring back 7 new crotons, not the round leaf varieties though. I found out from the local Thai croton collectors that even these plants don't do well in the ground for them and pretty much have stopped growing so many. I will try and get a few pic's up soon. Mine are mostly of the longer, spiral leaf forms.