TAMPA USF Fall Sale Hugh Sucess!

Croton Bitch

Arriving Saturday morning, I almost dropped dead seeing how many different varieties of Crotons were available for sale at the USF Botanical Gardens! I knew that Lee and Ron Parlett were busy propagating plant material for this sale, but never in my wildest imagination would I have guessed just how much! This was confirmed when our members, also our biggest customers, scooped up their precious beauties in a buying frenzy. There were so many rare varieties that just blew everyone away. There must have been over 500 plants available for sale. Not to mention there were still many plants that were not brought over yet. There were roughly 350 three gallon plants and 150 one gallon plants available for sale. Wow!, this truly was a great event for everyone.

If anyone took pictures, can you please email them to me at corneliahoerstgen@msn.com? or send a CD to The Croton Society Inc., PO Box 24892, Tampa, FL 33623? I would also like to thank those members who donated plants for the sale: Bob & Peck Pope, Jeff & Andrea Searle, Judy & Jim Glock, Toby Rose, Jack Roberts and Mark Peters. If I've excluded anyone it's only because it was so busy I may have missed you and the society appreciates everyone’s donations. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

I did take a few pictures, some look like they came out pretty good( I hope). If it's ok, I'll get them to you on saturday to take back with you.

It was an incredible selection of plants, and lots of them. I noticed many plants leaving the tables, all within the first hour on saturday.

Thanks for all your hard work, you, Lee, Phil and the others.

See you on saturday,

I'll say it was a d_mn good success! I landed a Caribbean Star - high up the wishlist after the untimely demise of my CS last winter. Plus a second Glen Roof AND a Reliance - btw, I didn't know that croton was on the wishlist until I saw it. Gotta find my stupid digital camera and post some pics.

Judy was wonderful to bring a Queen Victoria, which I grabbed. I have the perfect spot for it in front of the house :) Thank you, Judy (if you're reading this)!

Connie, those crotons were flying off the racks. Wow! I came back a bit later and there were far fewer than there had been when the sale opened.

It was great to see you, Connie - and Judy & Jim, Andrea & Jeff, Lee, Bob Pope, Phil Stager and others (I know I'm forgetting). Jeff, I hope you & Andrea enjoy your Inca - it is gorgeous!
I'm sorry I took so long, but I did take a few pictures. Usually it takes longer!:p

Here's the first, showing the booth w/ Nyssa doing some early shopping.

The second picture shows the nice information sign that greets all the interested customers stopping by.


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Thanks Jeff - our first photos of this event. The signage looks very professional.

Now for the Crotons - Damn that booth is jammed packed. I am now really really bummed I did not go. :(
Here's someone's "stash" of crotons either ready to buy or already paid for.

Lee, as he was just told that he is tearing down the booth by himself and has to load and cart all the crotons back.......alone. Just kidding...:p


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Lee and myself.

It just so happened that, it was Rob's birthday that day so when we got back to the Glock's house, they had a surprise birthday cake waiting for him.


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