Tacca integrifolia

Marie Nock

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Tacca integrifolia, one of my favorite flowering plants, is beginning to bloom. The flowers are so amazing.


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Thanks Marie,
These are so cool. But they are the preferred slug food in my garden. So I've really had to stay on top of the slug bait. My black one is going crazy right now. I found it easier than the white one I had - notice I said had :(. Have you found the white one to be a little harder than the black one to grow. I will have to give a white another chance if you tell me they are not.
We've found the white one much easier to grow than the black one. The black one tens to wimp out. The black one does give us seeds though - never had a white one set seeds. We use Deadline for the snails/slugs and it has eliminated most of our problem. We grow them in pots on a bench; I think our problem would be greater if they were grown in the ground.

Before we had such cold winters, the white Tacca would bloom twice a year - in April and in Nov. For the past two years it's been one bloom in July- Aug. but we're getting multiple blooms on plants. With your temps, you'll probably get the twice yearly bloom or maybe year round?

They're so gorgeous I hope you'll try again.
Marie, Thanks for the pictures. I could never grow it here without a greenhouse.
"Holy Bat Plant Batman - that is an awesome flower !" :cool::cool:

Truly a beautiful example of mother nature at her finest ! :D


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