T/S Hermine

Phil, I'm getting a lot of leaf drop on my crotons from Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine. Definitely the crotons that had wet feet for a while, and even others that weren't near puddles. Not sure if it was the wind there or what. Are you getting leaf drop? It's making me really mad/sad. Especially now when I want my crotons to look good!
A I get leaf drop from plants with wet feet when they dry out and need a little water to slow the transition. It is a razor blade to balance the return to normal conditions.. We are so dry here that an occasional flood is welcome.
Anna- got back from Seattle (no crotons there but two very nice Japanese gardens) and noted no unusual leaf loss due to heavy rains or dry spell after; just the usual fall leaf drop.
I was up in WI, but from the looks of the yard, I pretty much got away unscathed. My only damage besides some shredded leaves was to a 7' beccariophoenix. Its leaning over & will need to be staked. Thank god Julie was here to drain our pool down though!!