Spring is Around the Corner ! Part 5


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A continuation of crotons in my garden:

1st photo - Fantasy? AFD #5? (not sure this one is named properly). This one got really wacked by the cold but appears to be recovering rapidly.

2nd photo is Sweet Marie. This cultivar is reported to be a very slow grower and that has been my experience. It was planted in early October and had not even budded a new leaf. It lost over 80% of its leaves. It since has started new leaves. I am not sure that this croton would have survived multiple cold fronts like we experienced. How has this one done for you croton fanciers in Tampa & St. Pete?

3rd photo is Norman Rockwell. This one took a beating and defoliated 60% of leaves. It seems to be on its road to recovery. It was an awesome looking plant before the cold winds arrived.

4th photo is Revelation which I got from Jeff Searle at his fall sale. This one sat and did little. Just weeks prior to the cold wave new leave buds were developing. The cold winds BBQ'd the buds. This may prove to be one of the slower growing cultivars. Anyone have experience with this one?

Spring is around the Corner ! Our collections will survive ! :cool:


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