Special Invitation to Peyton!


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Hey Peyton, Friday Dec. 10th, just jump on I-10 and head east. When you hit I-75 get on it heading south. Get off at Fort Meyers exit and come to the Glock's house for the Croton Holiday Social. :eek:

I remember taking road trips in my earlier days just for the heck of it! :rolleyes:
Hey what the heck! It's only 893 miles :rolleyes:
...and I can remember a few lonnng road trips myself ;)
I wish it was that easy nowadays :(
But I do appreciate the invite! :)
One day I'll surprise you guys...
Must be quite a display judging from the mountain of mulch Jim has moved...

If you can't make it down, and for others as well, there should be plenty of pictures taken that weekend and posted here for you to enjoy. It should be a very good, well attended meeting and some very,very nice crotons up for auction.