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Don't know how to send a photo via PM.

Ana - you have Johanna Coppinger on your wish list. This I have as a Golden Glow. It looks very, very similar to Johanna Coppinger. This is the actual air layered plant that is yours if you are interested.

It pays to be the Queen of the Wiki :D
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Always fun to score croton bling before Jeff can get the gate open.

By the way, the first date on the tag is the air layer potting up date. The 2nd date is it's last fertilizer feed date. It's a 90 day product. ;)
Not yet, Ron. I've moved it around to a few different places. I think I might have found the right spot now. Soon.

It's so nice to see you here. I've missed seeing your posts and your beautiful plants. Hope you start hanging out with us more now. You bring a lot of life to this forum.:D