Some Seedlings ...


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Nothing compared to the scale of incredible color and form like Jerry Schilling's seedlings. Here are some seedlings that I found growing as volunteers around the garden. Some potential but who knows for sure.

Seedling #1.JPG
Seedling #1a.JPG

This seedling popped up in a Pink Lei container that Randy gave me. It was pollinated and already rooted in his garden. Hmmmm, wonder if it could be deemed my seedling? If it turns out special, he will get the first clone.
Speckled Trout.JPG

This seedling I've had for about three years. It really did not look like much for a long period. Crowded with other plants, overly shaded, stressed, ignored, lack of fertilzer, soil washed out of the container, etc ... yet it clung to life. Now its showing color. I've tentatively named it Speckled Trout. Hopefully it will get better and better looking.