Some of my favorites in my Yard


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So I figured I would share some of my favorites from my yard!
1) Captain Kidd
2) General Pagent
3) William Craig
4) Mosiac


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more from the yard
1) Sun Glow
2) Zanzibar
3) Polychrome
4) Rheedii


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Jeff, how to you root cuttings? I have failed on a few attempts. I tried doing what I do for Plumeria. I have some plants from you I got a few years back that grow great in SoCal. I want to propagate these.
No, not at all. If your passing through in the near future, I think I can "break" you off one.


Thanks Jeff,

But "passing through" is probably not going to happen. Any passing through we do in the next few years is probably going to be in the other direction. And going west from here is a long way to your place. :)
Jeff, when are you guys coming to visit??

Hi Angela,

Just don't know. Travis thought he was going to get to come home in July. Which is now not going to happen. Sept. is already a no-go he was told because his group is flying over to the Big Island to train for the month. So, he's again shooting for August. If he can't come then, we just might have to wait until Christmas for him to come home. Oct. and Nov. are not good months to travel because of plant sales.'s not looking to good. Either way, Andrea would not be able to come ( to many animals to feed,etc.).

I haven't even looked into flights to Honolulu from here. I wonder what that would cost(?)