Some New Caledonia Gems


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I was recently asked to take some shots of a few New Cal palms in my garden for the new SoCal Palm Journal. And since I need to do some testing on this new forum software, I thought I would use them as a treat and to confirm how easy it is to upload photos now.
Edit: This was a snap to upload - just drag and drop, make all thumbnails, and then fill in the text where desired.

First a couple of Cyphosperma balansae
DSC_0003PT.jpg DSC_0004PT.jpg

And a couple of Basselinia gracilis
DSC_0012PT.jpg DSC_0011PT.jpg
Burretiokentia hapala
Chambeyronia "houailou"
Actinoketia divaricata
Hydriastele (formerly Siphokentia) beguinii "Obi Island Form"
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Dean, thanks for posting these. I love seeing the New Caledonia stuff growing well. I can only hope that my Houailou and Obi Island will match yours some day. This is a real feast for the eyes!
Dean - growing palms is a scam. Its a scam to the palm. Find out what a palm's native habitat is, ie rainfall, soil, temperature, etc...

Then you try to provide it as many of the variables of its native habitat you can and see what happens. Your cool tropical weather seems perfect for those palms. Many New Caledonian palms tolerate our Florida climate, but all seem to appreciate your conditions. A variable that us Floridians can not duplicate.

I'm envious Hurting
MooseMan - I haven't been to New Caledonia, but I know at least a few of the species thrive on Mt. Panie which is 5300 ft high - so a bit of relief from the constant tropical heat. I'm not sure exactly where the majority of the palms grow, but I know some of them originate from some elevation.
Hi dean, I think you've got a typo, they changed the name on Cyphokentia balansae to Cyphosperma balansae, this one didn't get changed to Cyphophoenix, here's the details, what a mess, who can remember all these names, I went to add the photos to the species page, and then remembered, Ed