Some from the Searle Sale


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Mother's Day
Got this from Jeff as America. All its older leaves are blacked out with red veining. Its flushing lots of big leaves so we will wait and see what happens. Not sure as to the origin of Jeff's mother plant or to whom we may attribute an ID to. This "name" has been linked to Rapture, Red Foot, Ernest DeLarue, and Fascination, etc...

Looked like a decent plant worth taking a chance on. Don't think it is the same cultivar as any of the above mentioned plants I got going. Perhaps Mr. Seale could shine some light on this one.

Got another from Phil as America but then thought it could be Fascination. Now I am not so sure, but the plant from Phil is getting a lot of sun exposure right now.

Onward through the fog ...

America 1.JPG
America 2.JPG

My America came from the west coast a few years back from Phil's collection. Mine grows in deep shade ( not by choice! ), so it gets no direct sun or even bright light. It looked much better years ago.