Shaving Brush palms in the steamy tropics?


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I was watching HGTV episode about moving to Papua New Guinea. In the background of one scene I clearly saw a good 30' tall Rhopalostylis. Now,this is HGTV...they twice now have shown "New Zealand" beaches--lined with Coconut palms.
Still,the Rhopa seemed to be in the hot tropics.
Stan - I would have to see it to believe it.

Either you are mistaken, and there is a tropical palm that could have been mistaken. Or, as you may know, Papua has some places with a lot of elevation. Could this have been the case?
It might have been high elevation. How could something collectible like that be in a third world country? Always possible it was not a Rhopa..but hard to mistake the perfect shuttlecock look..and deep green fronds. It was in perfect 1080 HD.
Are they grown high in Hawaii?. Palms like that might be profitable to grow there..a huge demand for them in California.
Moose- been an especially rainy summer in soufla? Everyday..its 90 and 78 with thunderstorms in the weather report. I have in-laws in "Green Acres FL" the TV show.
Stan - I can say I have never seen any type of Rhopy here ever. And I never even thought about it until this thread. I think since there are literally thousands of palms we can grow, with new ones being made available every year, the question becomes what to grow. And for collectors, the stuff you can not grow or find elsewhere takes priority. And at normal coastal elevations, where 90% of everything is, they probably don't do that well.

And native Rhopy habitat is not that far from Papua. Now if you saw one in Panama, I would be amazed.