Seeing Some Potential Here


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This one is growing on me after planting in the ground this year. This seedling is green on the leaf topside, but the upright narrow leaf shows the underside leaf color.
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Here is another Kiwi seedling that has started throwing wider leaves after planting in ground.
I might have to dig up some patience somewhere and start sprouting some seedlings of my own. :gangnamstyle:

Patience is required but well worth it. Here is one that sprouted from seed near one of the Kiwi. This one has a lavender/pinkish leaf stem on a green and yellow leaf. Do not know if you can see it in the photo but the leaf has a fine red edge.
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Dean, Here is another seedling that had spent the first 2 years of its life as a black leaf Ti. Reminds me of a Dr Brown Cordyline.
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Here is another Kiwi seedling that looks to be a flop.
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Xerox seedling showing some concord grape like colors.
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A nice looking "flop" IMO. Pin-stripe edging.... everything doesn't have to be knock-out patterns and colors. Something can be said for the subdued chic. :FastGrow
Dean, I was using the word "flop" more as a leaf description. I also like the look of the plant overall.
Here is another one from Xerox.
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Here is another Kiwi seedling that I am now watching closer as it is becoming a looker.
All your seedlings look just great!
Thanks Ken, but I will set the record straight. Not all look great as a great number of seedlings are not photo worthy. The funny thing that I have noticed is that a lot of the seedlings that had shown color when very small ended up not much to look at a couple years later. What I need to do now is start throwing out the no thrill looking plants. I just keep giving them one more chance and every now and then I see a sign of potential.
This is a seedling from Xerox that is now 3 yrs old. This one stands at 7" tall with 3.5" x 1" leaves. This one looks like the one in Frank Browns book "Inhoshinezu" pg 58 bottom left. If you have the book check it out and give your thoughts.
Let's watch these white and green sport cuttings that were removed from removed from Miss Andrea this spring.