Seedling Question


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For those of you that raise Crotons from seed, do you hold on to the plain green leaf seedlings for some time? Or is it best to just pull out the plain green. I have many seedlings popping up in the garden and all are solid green except one I spotted in the lawn (now potted up) with color.
Scott I give them at least a year maybe more if then are good growers. A story from Mr. Davis he did 100s and was very quick to dump them to another grower and some of his rejects grew out very nicely. I will do some pictures of my system soon.
Lamar is right. These little green seedlings can change all of a sudden as they get older and start producing colors later on. And I've seen this happen well over a year after germination.
Thank you Lamar and Jeff! Sounds like Ti plant seedlings, a wait and see game.
Ha ha ha ha, Lamar, you do everything in a big way, don't you? I'm right there with you buddy, and I bet we're not alone. This is good! A whole new set of hybridizers. We may get a couple that may make it all worthwhile, you never know.
Sylvester I think my son has them in his front yard they look nice. I will take a picture the next time I am up there.
Nice ScotTi, that are lots of fun. I get 1 out of 40 the show nice color and maybe 2 or 3 will grow well.
6 months is my new age for seedlings . Then they get moved up if they look promising ... i hang them in trays of 24 under the oak tree in scattered light ..then wait
I do have green seedlings 7 or 8 years old that are just now getting color go figure...Gen Pagent Seedling 6 ft all green ... now has yellow sport . I dont usually wait that long tho ...