Seedling Luna x Suntan


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here's the Suntan-seedling - again, this one is a cross between a 'commercial' and a 'fancy' hibiscus. I have to give credit for that cross to my boyfriend who crossed them while I was on a worltrip - so I suppose it's his seedling :D
The cross was done at the end of november 2012, the pod harvested (again - only one seed..) on february 2nd 2013 (don't remember though when it germinated) and the first bloom opened on the first of October the same year
so - from cross to bloom in under one year!
at first I was a bit dissapointed that it was rather plain yellow, but I like it more and more. at the moment its my only frequent bloomer.

here's the first blooms from last summer:
DSC05171_small.jpg Luna_x_Suntan_2-3.JPG

more pics will follow soon, colours are changing now
it's pimp-your-balcony-time and day two for the Luna s Suntan seedling which I used as model
I hate those grey panels they used on the balconies, so I built something to cover them up and to hang some pots there or let plants climb up. The lower part should be covered up by more plant shelves as soon as they go outdoors (I didn't want to buy a second pack of that twig fence)
DSC05773.JPG DSC05772.JPG
the seedling looks a bit scrawny, it recently lost all the damaged leaves from last autumn/winter and is working on many new branches now.
that sounds familiar to me :D
I pollinated that bloom, but if that doesn't take and as soon as the pod on the other branch is off I was planning to prune this one, see if it roots and if yes - spread the disease! :D