Saturday's Agenda


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Early arrivals - those of you coming long distances and want to get an early start, or those bringing large numbers of plants - anytime after 9am.

10am to 11am - Croton ID tour, wherein Ricky will learn the true names of his Crotons
11am to noon - Society business, if any, then an open discussion on Croton IDs, our online encyclopedia, and the good doctor's book.
noon - chow time: Pulled Pork, Boca Boys Baked Beans, homemade cole slaw. Buns will be available for those who wish make a sammich, forks for those who need them.

After lunch, Jeff Searle, our esteemed auctioneer, will take the stage. Once the auction is complete, it'll be cocktail hour. Huzzah, huzzah!

Many thanks in advance to everyone coming and bringing plants to help sustain the society. And of course, a round of applause for everyone who empties their wallets to make that happen.

Ahh, goose bumps. Lol! It sounds good. What kind of numbers( croton heads) have RSVP so far? The weather report's no rain scheduled for this weekend. I for one, look forward to coming and seeing your garden. Now I have to go out in the greenhouse and find some crotons to bring.

Oh...and there's only one Jeff Searle(s)which is probably a good thing.:p

Jeff - We're somewhere between 25 and 40. But there will be enough food for 50, so I'm not worried. We've had 60 here for a plant swap. The weather should be perfect, perhaps even as cool as the mid 80s.

(Sorry about the extra "s". I was heading out to the beach and must have been thinking corporate rather than individual.)
Ricky - I am anticipating being there @ 9:30 am. Heading south right now to collect some plants to be auctioned. :eek: The agenda is to eat, drink and talk crotons in a beautiful garden! :cool:

Ron. :)
Our small gang should be there around 10:00 am. Six of us in total.

Our totebag will consist of,but not limited to the following,

Wetnaps for bbq on our fingers
2-3 Cameras
Mosquito repellent
6 pairs of Felco clippers
Dozens of assorted size ziploc baggies
Tylenol for hand cramps
Bribe money