Rain,rain and more rain makes plants forget the calender.


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My plants have exploded with new growth over the past 10 days(11 ins of rain).I put some airlayers on October 1 and took them of this weekend.They had larger rootballs than my summer layers!!Also cuttings that I took 4 weeks are flushing new shoots.I hope we do not have an early cold event as my new growth will be toast.
Michael, My plants have also exploded with new growth in the last week. I just hope the new growth hardens off before our cold arrives in mid Dec. I took the day off from work to get the garden mulched for winter, but it is raining. Oh well.
Scott ,I did not know that you had a big rain event up there also.I am glad that Tampa got some rain also.I am tempted to try one more set of layers today for removal at monthend.I hate to see my little rooterpots sitting around unused :)
Not a really big rain event, .75 recorded by my weather station. The palms received a good feeding yesterday so this rain is going to help.


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I don't know about forgetting the calendar? :rolleyes: October typically on average gives 6" of rain in South Florida. This October seemed to be a wet one for Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. :p

Are there any tallies of percipitation for these areas? :confused: