R. L. Farquhar ?


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R. L. Farquhar is described on page 129 of Dr. B. Frank Brown's first croton book. I've never seen one until my last trip to Ree Gardens Nursery. There was a group of Crotonheads wandering about grabbing stuff that caught their eyes, Unfortunately for them, they had ventured into the "not for sale" area. Sounds like something that I would do. LOL :D

One of those plants were R. L. Farquhar. Jose saw the same plant too and commented that this cultivar has also been named as Babbet.

The unidentified croton here that came from Dr. Brown's garden looks like it could be R. L. Farquhar. Anyone familar enough with RL to confirm? :confused:


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Not this one Moose.I have a nice one and I also saw a great one down at Marie's.Your picture is something else
Sure would like to get an ID of this croton. Its an unknown from the garden of Dr. B. Frank Brown. :eek:

Here is a shot of R.L. Farquhar that Judy has got going at the southern compound for comparison. :)


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Got my R.L. from Keith. The plant is still very small but the leaves keep getting larger. It is one of my favorites!