Queen Victoria

Phil Stager

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This cultivar has always been a weak grower for me. Purchased two 5 ft tall plants some years ago. Great looker initially. However, almost every other winter they defoliated and with the past two ^%$#@! winters here, they went into rapid decline. The largest one got its final pruning today before the root system gets dug up. What little new growth that came back this year went into a fast wilt mode the past week. See attached pics. Note the exfoliated bark even at the base - about 1.5" diameter.


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Phil - with so many other cultivars around, I would use the space for a different one. You take really good care of your plants, why frustrate yourself again with another Queen Victoria ? :confused:

Just my opinion. :)
The one in the pic - or what's left of it - gets the heave-ho as soon as I get enough ambition to dig it out; one on the other or south side of the house is not in much better shape.
mine were single trunk in part shade - emphasis on past tense - about 5 ft tall in 15 gal pots when purchased, so they can get big. These were apparently a nursery close-out deal. Growth was moderate, but the cold got 'em once too many times.