President Eisenhower

Jerry Shilling

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Interesting branch makes for an interesting Eisenhower. Would you guys consider this a sport?


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Hi Jerry,

I've always suspected that President Eisenhower is a sport or form of Wooten's Beauty. I have an air layer on my Blotched Wooten's Beauty that is identical to your plant. For all I know, this was another case of mistaken, renamed identity that occured many moons ago.

Hi Ray,

I'm aware of this debate. I have both plants and I have felt they are different. However my plants are in different light conditions and in opposite sides of the yard, so it's really difficult to say for sure.

Your thought that Eisenhower was a sport is very plausible to me as well as a form of. They are so similar to me, I would keep the Eisenhower and let the Wooten's Beauty go when space is an issue. Probably not fair since the Eisenhower is in near perfect lighting...and is just more interesting with the sport or whatever it is.

Probably deserves it's own thread but I feel similiar with Gloriosa & Royal Flush. As I was putting my collection together, I purchased two of each and grouped them. I see absolutely no difference. Either Royal Flush is not legit or someone sold me Gloriosa's as Royal Flush.

It sounds as if one of your plants is not identified correctly. Royal Flush and Gloriosa are very different plants. Royal Flush is a distinct, semi oak with bright pink splotches when the leaves mature. Gloriosa is a broad leaf that turns blood red and black when mature. I had to correct my friend Jeff Searle when he identified a big plant just south of his pool as Royal Flush. It was Gloriosa. He had a Royal Flush in another part of his garden. Your confusion may have started with Mr. Searle. We had to take a little shot at Jeff here.:D

Regarding Wooten's Beauty, your plant looks more like a Blotched Wooten that still has some veining. I've seen forms of BWB that look just like Prez Eisenhower. Like you said, light can make all the difference in the world.
Interesting stuff Ray...thanks.

I just went out and looked at all four plants...all broad leaf. Yes Jeff is the guilty party on the first one...acquired it at my first Searle sale in Oct./10. The other one Rob brought to the Glock get together in Dec./10. Even the best of us can get lost in the fog at times.
Yea,yea,yea. Ray is right, my defense, my Gloriosa was originally ID'd as a Royal Flush by Johnny S. Only after several years when I got my first Royal Flush( and took time to grow up) from Bob A. then it all started to make sense. I apologize for putting these plants out, but I clearly didn't know. BUT, it is now cleared up. Thank God.....
My feelings are that Wooten's Beauty and President Esinhower are different cultivars. These plants (unlike Jerry's) are both in a decent amount of shade, planted just 15 feet apart. The President Eisenhower has 33% larger leaves and more orange. It is also slower growing. Wooten's Beauty looks very simular but smaller leaves and less orange. Both are great looking crotons.

#1 President Eisenhower
#2 Wooten's Beauty
#3 Blotched Wooten's Beauty - this is a "sported" branch growing on the same plant as #2


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I have an air layer on BWB that has big leaves and is a mirror image of Jerry's P.E. The leaf shape is identical too. I have nothing to prove it but think they're the same plant. If they're not and I didn't already have both cultivars, I wouldn't go out of my way to get both. If you've seen one, you've seen the other.