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Hi guys, is anyone able to id the plant below? I'm referring to green ones with the big paddle shaped leaves and thick stems along the border (not the Birds of Paradise). Done a lot of Googling to no avail!



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Thanks to Marie's ID I did a bit of research and seems it is quite hard to find (here in Australia at least anyway) and even if you did manage to find it you'd probably have a hard time maintaining it to the condition shown in the photo above.

It's a shame, I've been looking for something to fill some borders in my garden and these would be great if it weren't for the issues above.
Wow, stunning plant. Is there a source for this plant? I would love to get these in my landscape!

Bren, we have it available but we don't ship. To your advantage it's one of the more cold hearty philodendrons. Customers of ours north of you in Palm Harbor have purchased about 30 P. martianums for their landscape. The plants are fairly slow growing so you're paying for time based on the size of the plant. We have them from 6" to 7 gal.

When you come to So. Fla. for a croton tour, you're welcome to come by to see them. I'm not aware of anyone else in Florida who carries them.
Hi Mezo, I'm in Brisbane and have it growing in my garden and just down the road someone has a massive clump in their front yard.
Grows easily but is a little slow, I see it for sale occasionally and have seen it on ebay but they were asking a ridiculous price for it.
If you are in Brisbane I would have a look at Palms For Brisbane Nursery or one of the many Plant Expos or plant sales days. (see here
Thanks, Steve. I've actually seen it growing at Sea World since, as well. So, it's definitely out there and by the sound of it, easier to maintain then I thought. Hmm, time to do more searching...
I believe this is the same plant. It had those bulbous petioles when it was younger. This plant has been in this location for about 13 years, and was the size of the plants in the first photo of this thread when purchased.

I had not really paid much close attention to it, but see that is has lost that fat petiole as the main "stem/trunk" trunk has grown and turned into a "climber." I'm not sure what to do with it now. :)

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