Pink Stewarti


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This is the pink Stewarti that i got from Moose at the auction in Flamingo Garden. What i want to show is the sport that is growing, It's more of a soft creme color. 018.jpg
Jose - That looks like one of those not-so-good all yellow sports that many crotons produce. All yellow equals no chlorophyll equals an early death for the leaves. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Jose - I got this Stewartii from the backyard of an old abondoned home in Coral Gables. The Momma plant was a very, very old Stewartii. I noticed one (large) branch having alot of "blotching" and lots of pink pastel colors to it. The croton was growing in a very shady area with high canopy. I made three air layers and was lucky to see they were still there 2 months later. Keep your plant nice and shaded. I believe that this sport adapted to heavy shade over time and thrives in it.

The other air layer was auctioned at Ricky's last garden tour. I have the third. My plant also sports the creamy colors and since it is kept in heavy shade, they remain on the plant - feeding off the Momma for its carbohydrates. Enjoy your plant, the house was torn down and the plant was bulldozed.
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Stewartii 2.jpg
Stewartii 1.jpg
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Here is the Moose Land version. From the same mother plant as Jose's. It is a fickle plant, often throwing back to yellow leaves like Jose's. Chris taught me to break off Yellow/Albino tips, the new emergent growth sometimes produces green leaves. So far so good but this may never develop into a robust grower.

Definitely not your typical Stewartii. I think Carol Graff got the other one I had.
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We went home (Vero Beach) for a multi. Class high school reunion and went by the old home place. This is Stewartii probably 60 years old.