Pappey or Congo


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For some reason, I was under the impression that these were the same cultivar with different names. The Wiki says that Pappey is a sport from Mammie and is also known as Nancy.

Curious as to why there are no photos of Pappey or Congo found in the Wiki. There surely has to be some photos of these cultivars available. They are not very rare. I have a cultivar that may be Pappey, but I am not all that sure now. A certain box store has Congo from time to time, just can't remember what it looks like. :confused:

Any help here? :eek:
Ron, You can make the changes in the Wiki yourself. It is easy, give it a try.


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Ricky, You are right on that being Pappy in my post above. Now what is the diffrence between Mango and Congo?
Congo (from Lowes) to the left and right of a Mango (from Cleo at the USF sale).


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Congo (top pic) and the Mango...


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Scott - My Congo is very small and in deep shade. The Mango, on the other hand, gets heavy sun after noon. But looking at your 2 pictures, I can't see a difference.
Left photo is Mango, right photo is Congo:


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From Mercer Botanicals Inc "Congo also known as Papey" Here is the picture and looks nothing like the ones I just purchased as Congo from Lowes. I think the ones I picked up from Lowes are in fact Mango.


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I think someone is playing with the names. What you have in the last post is definitely Pappay or Pappy. Congo looks nothing like that, at least the one that I have.
Ricky, I believe you have the real Congo here.:cool: I had posted a rather long reply but was timed out, so I will break it down in a few posts. Playing with names on...
Fact: Lowes purchased the Croton "Congo" from Natures Way Nursery of Miami. Did the nursery make a mistake on the printing of the name on the bar code sticker or do they believe the Mango (as we know it) is Congo? Or do they really care at all about a name? I believe all they really care about is making $$. Most buyers from the mass retailers do not give a rats ash about a name anyhow.
Now about the Pappy named "Nancy". Fact: I purchased my Pappy (post #5) as "Nancy" from a local nursery in Oldsmar. The nursery buys wholesale from Burnette's Wholesale Nursery of Bradenton FL. ( do a search for the Burnette site and look at the names on Crotons) Burnette's sells the Pappy as "Nancy" to the local nursery guy, who then sells the plant retail with the wrong name.
When googling Pappy or Pappey or Congo with croton or codiaeum there are many more results with Congo then there are with Pappy/Pappey which makes me think that Congo is probably the more legitimate name for this Mammy sport


Also, when googling books for these names, no results are found for Pappy or Pappey, while "croton congo" is published in an Australian journal for registering plant varieties:,cf.osb&fp=7fa83826c5013db3&biw=1280&bih=899
Unfortunately I can no longer access these publications like we could when discussing 'Wilma' last year...

A long accepted method/requirement for establishing a new cultivar or species is to publish it somewhere, and 'Congo' has at least been published...

The other problem that arises here is that in all probability someone has named an entirely different croton 'Congo' as evidenced by Ricky's plant...
It is also likely that this same 'Mammy' sport has other names applied by other folks somewhere around the world...

This is a perfect example of why we need a Codiaeum registry. I'm still working on getting the application and guidelines from the ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science) in Belgium for establishing an ICRA (International Cultivar Registration Authority) for Codiaeum, and I think our croton wiki will be a good place to set it up...