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Its not about crotons, but our very own Jeff Searle will be making a presentation. Definitely worth attending. :D

Announcement from the South Florida Palm Society:

There will be a general membership meeting on Monday August 5th, 7:30pm, at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG).
FTBG is located at 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL. The meeting will be in the Corbin room.

Following the meeting, there will be an auction of palms. Please bring your palms for donation to the auction.
Light refreshments will be served. Food will be Potluck.
Free seeds will be available at the information table.

The guest speaker will be Mr. Jeff Searle. Mr. Searle is a Life Member of the SFPS and has provided the SFPS with many informative
and entertaining programs about his World travels in the past. Jeff's program for August 5th will be;

The Palms, Plants and People of Thailand

In September of last year, the Thailand Biennial of the International Palm Society was held at Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens in Pattaya. The largest collection of palms in the world is found there along with extensive collections of orchids, cycads, flowering plants and cactus. Jeff, his wife Andrea, and a good friend, Rob van der Borg, spent three weeks visiting various plant markets, nurseries and the beautiful sights in and around Bangkok. His program will allow you to share in that rich experience.
Jeff, 55, owner of Searle Brothers Nursery since 1982, grows primarily a large selection of woody ornamentals and specializes in palm trees. The 20 acre-nursery is located in Southwest Ranches.
Does anyone have the video equipment to record this presentation? that includes those reading this and other members of SFPAC or FTG...

Phil - I don't have such recording devices. Fairchild only provides the projection equipment. The room will be very crowded, poor lighting and there would be too much background noise with the attendees to make such a recording decent in my opinion. I suspect that Jeff would be willing to make this presentation to the Central Florida Palm & Cycad Society if asked? :)
This is one of my favorite gripes not only for plant societies but for many hobby or hobby-related groups. Great presentations are made, a few photos may be taken, speaker gets a round of applause and that's it. The information given is limited to those in attendance. One or two well-funded hobby related societies now routinely record presentations and then make them available on-line for free. Think of all the great stuff (and crap) on U Tube now - something for anyone and everyone regardless of their tastes (or lack thereof..).

... and having seen some of the great videos here on Palmpedia, how difficult would it be to make a few similar ones for some of the great croton collections out there. or a how to place an air layer on a plant ? or the basics of hybridizing...

... and although it's a bit off topic: Ray, has the IPS thought of recording any the tours for the Biennial next year in Miami? or whatever else is planned??

I do know that making a good video is not as easy as it sounds. This based on my experience in helping produce a video on palm maintenance as part of a grant we got a few years ago. thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions..........

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Thanks for exposure! Rob and I actually went to a croton collector and went to a plant exposition that featured a lot of crotons on display while there. I have some slides showing this tonight.