Mulch may have helped


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Surveying my crotons in the ground, I feel fortunate. Some that I was nervous about seemed to fair well. Aside from some of leaf drop probably from the strong winds, everything looks copacetic thus far. Perhaps all that heavy mulching I did this year paid off? :)
Mulch from 2011 helped although it has "melted down" with the 90+ inches of rain from 2012. It rained so much and stayed so warm, very little mulch was added this year. It was put off until free mulch pile was not so saturated and easier transport. Then the holidays kept it getting put off.

My focus has been to get stuff in the ground - easier to maintain than in containers. This has taken up much of my time - so mulching was put off further. Only the new plantings got mulched.

Started Thursday on my mulching. Currently finishing my second pick-up truck load today. Will load the third load today. Taking advantage of the next three days holiday break to get more mulch down.

All my crotons were watered on the theorey that a croton full of water will be more cold resistant. :)