Mrs Edison

Jeff Searle

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NOW, this is a very rare cultivar. Are there any around? It's a slow grower.


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Jeff- take good care of that plant, I dont have it anymore- almost as rare as Skeet Jones.

Jeff Searle

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I was never even aware such a plant existed. The good news is Jeff's plant looks big enough for at least 3 or 4 cuttings ;)


Ha,ha, your so funny. The croton here in the pic. is not even mine. It's very small and you could barely take one cutting off of it. If you notice in the center of the plant, the straight, long dead stem is what's left of a 4' long peice that used to be growing. Pretty sure the cold killed this plant back over the last two winters. But...all in good time....

Jeff Searle

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I don't think I have one unless Keith gave me one? Keith, if you did, I'll look through everything.

Marie, I really hope you have one, look hard. I want to say this plant is almost extinct. This was a name given to me by Bob Alonzo when we were at the old house where Robert Halgrim was living. There was a small plant growing there, and I have no idea what happened to it, or if it's even alive today somewhere.


I have had this one without a name! Jm not sure it's the same as you talk about ?
any clue to what it maybe called ?


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Crazy for Crotons

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I'd tell the plant's owner to put a garbage can or box over it if anything under 40F is forecasted next winter. It sounds as if it is one of those ultra tender varieties. Some of these varieties depend on us if they want to stay off the extinct list. If I ever find The Moth again, it's going to be wintered in my greenhouse with the tender palms.


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We need an update on Mrs. Edison. It needs to get it established and spread out to more gardens for preservation!

Jeff Searle

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There's two plants planted side by side, and are currently about 18", maybe 2' tall now. It's a beautiful croton, but very slow and doesn't branch much. I tried a cutting two years ago, but with no success.