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Morado is a mini type Ti, having great purple color on 6" x 1.5" leaves.
Dean, I am going to watch this one close this summer. This plant comes from Cuba and when it was given to me this week , Morado (purple) is what my friend called it. I was thinking it was Mini Purple Prince until I checked photos of MPP and the older leaves have green, the older leaves go dark purple black on this one.
I couldn't tell from your pics, but the leaf shape seemed a bit different than a Purple Prince. But I don't think I have a Mini, and it was hard to get scale without seeing the whole plant compared to something.
I hope this one does well for you and has vigor. The Purple Prince types I have seem to go downhill quickly and never seem to look that good.
Ken, I have learned that Purple Prince needs no direct sun on its leaves. Bright light conditions are the key.
Welcome Rob! Yes the light purple colored Ti are gorgeous, but I have found it hard to keep them looking good. I have had Purple Prince around 4 years now and I think I have finally found the conditions that make it a happy Ti. I have a few other purple Ti that I am still trying to figure what light conditions they want.