Moose Auction Plants & Trades


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If you got a plant from the Moose yesterday, here is some information you need to know.

1. Almost every plant is from a recently planted air layer (8-3 days ago), be gentle with you plant. Only move the plant holding and supporting the pot to avoid damaging the new tender roots.

2. All plants are fertilized and need no supplemental feeding for the next 90 days.

3. Any plants having any evidence of croton scale, do not worry. The scale is dead. Those who had scale were misted heavily with Cygon twice. Those with no scale got misted once so you would not introduce any into your garden.

4. All plants were treated with Merit (Imidacloprid). That is the grey clay-like substance around the base of your plant. It is a systemic that will be absorbed by your roots. It will prevent any scale from establishing itself on your plants for at least 6 months.

Basically, keep your plant out of heavy sun and water them. Only thing left is watch them grow. When roots start showing up at the drain holes, repot into a larger container.