Mons Florin

I've always seen it as Mons Florin (Mount Florin in English) A Google search reveals no term that matches Mons Florin as a geographical location. The only references are those to the croton.
Is the name really Mons Florin or is it Mons. (Monsieur) Florin?

Hi Ana,
In Brown's 1960 book he lists it as Mons. Florin and notes that it is often sold as Mt. Florin. He also lists Mons. Fournier and Mons. Mayne. I think you're onto something with Monsieur.
So many mistakes in spellings and nomenclature in the book, though. Should we expect that there would be a correct abbreviation of Monsieur when the 1960 book has Mons. Florin and the later book has Mons Florin? Just like Madam butterfly which is spelled both as Madam and Madame in the later book, with several other similar happenings. I think it's still onward through the fog, but I still suspect it was meant to be Monsieur. Even in the wiki there's a Mons Mayne as well, giving suspicion that it could be meant to be Monsieur (as Marie also brought up).