Memorial Day BBQ - OT


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The Pork has been marinating since Friday. The 10 Lbs. of chicken soaking in Mojo and dusted with Sazon Completa. Churasco marinating in Italian salad dressing and dusted with Garlic powder. Hitting the grill around Noon. :cool:

I love torturing the neighbors, LOL :rolleyes:

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Holiday with your significant others! :D

Kindest regards to all,

I should of added, worked all day in the yard with Rob, Borgy230 yesterday, working in the yard today as well. Just kind of pittling around. Planting a few crotons, mounting a few new orchids up in the trees and of course a couple or so palms. Great weather, got a little brief downpour yesterday which was nice.

Tonight, lasagna for supper and then the Heat basketball game.
The Moose - Preened some crotons for the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society Sale & Show. Mowed the grass. Added 50 rocks to my rock wall. Had Bullwinkle stop by to retrieve the air layers he requested I make for him. Cranked up the Weber and tortered the neighbors. Went to the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society Meeting. Then went home to catch the secong half of the Heat Game. Filled belly full of BBQ.

Jeff sounds like we were both busy. I love this time of the year. Everything is cranking in the garden.

A great Day indeed!!! ;)