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A few pics of an old time variety - Maryland. Verrrry slow growing, but last winter's cold wx certainly improved the color this year.


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Can you maybe explain some on the difference between this Maryland and Baron Le Compte? I remember when Rob and I was walking through your garden on the tour, we both had a hard time trying to figure the difference between the two. If you can, could you post a picture side by side of each, and explain the difference? Is the blothches of color different? Greatly appreciated! And no hurry either! Thanks,

Here we go with a few sets of pics for starters:
1. Maryland w/ 6" ruler for scale
2. same
3. Baron LeCompte w/ 6' ruler for scale
4. same

(I happened to have a 6" rule that says Maryland so I'm using that for croton Maryland and the reverse side for Baron LeC so I do not get too confused).

Not a lot of difference in leaf size; most of the Bron LeC growth is new this year; Maryland did not defoliate much. Maryland shows darker reds, but this could be due to age of leaves. But wait! There's more....


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hmmmm, pics by themselves of leaves are not a lot of help so lets try some direct comparisons by removing a representative leaf and putting fit on the other plant. Both pics show a Baron LeC leaf set on a Maryland plant.

Not a whole lot of help here either.
pic 1 - Baron LeC is the leaf with more yellow at center left
pic 2 - same Baron LeC leaf ofn another Maryland. The Baron is the one on it side more or less.

still not a lot of help, but there's more!


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as a bit of an aside - note the slightly stunted leaves in the second pic. This is what Scott was discussing in a different post. (the ones by the small brown dead leaf of something else) - but not much hel as an ID...
well lets see if the backs of the leaves can give us a clue...
First two pics:
The Maryland leaf is closest to the 6" Maryland ruler. The BaronLeC leaf here and on the plant seems to have more crinkling on the edges but this is still not a lot to go on.

Second two pics:
Baron LeC leaf on top of Maryland leaf against a BaronLeC plant.

Still not a whole lot of help.... aughhhhhhhh.

Maybe someone else can figure out the differences better. The best clue for me is the growth rate, since the Baron is about 5 times as fast as Maryland.

Onward through the fog!


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We need to get this cultivar established on the east coast or down in the Keys so it stands a better chance of not being lost forever. The cold events the last couple of winters may have done in some old cultivars. :(
This picture does not do this rare croton justice. Seeing it at the garden tour auction, it was more spectacular than this previous photo demonstrates. I was very interested in aquiring this beauty as were many others. The price soon escalated out of my "comfort zone" rather quickly. :confused:

Phil, thanks again for donating this rare croton to the Croton Society Garden Tour Auction. :)