Lost in translation? - Fred Sanders

Frank Brown, in his first book, states the correct name is Fred Sander. He goes on to say, the first description of this variety was in the " Gardener's Chronicle" (London) April 25, 1908.
Thanks Plant Nut, so one has to wonder, where in the world the Mrs. came from in these 2 publications? If only old nurseymen could talk! Well, for now, I am at least dropping the 'S' in my conversations and writings LOL.
Peyton, excellent find. I downloaded the PDF. Loads of historical info. So, now we know. Sander is the correct name, named after Belgian growers Sander & Sons.
Bob Alonzo told me that the plant was named Earl of Derby before it was Fred Sander(s). You knew there had to be a monkey wrench here right?! The Gardener's Chronicle could very well be the first description after its renaming.
Great find, Scott. So we know that it definitely was Fred Sander, named after the Belgian growers Sander and Son, who had many plants named after them. There seems to be no Mrs. We don't know about the Earl of Derby synonym. No mention of them being synonymous in any historical document that we've seen. Ray said Bob Alonzo thought Fred Sander was previously named Earl of Derby. Jeff thinks they are different plants.

Does anyone know Bob Alonzo well enough to call him and ask him what he knows about that? This has turned into quite the detective story and it would be nice to piece it all together and get rid of the false infos in several wiki spots. Thanks.