Last Croton in 2011

What was the last croton you planted in the ground in 2011? :confused:

I planted an Ethel Craig that Judy Glock gave to me @ Nov. 15th. Seriously thought about planting a couple this morning, the weather is perfect for yard work. The cold air that is to arrive on Tuesday scared me off.

Should I go ahead and plant anyway? :confused:

I actually brought home a few plants yesterday and getting ready to plant now. So, I'm down to about 6 hours of light for the remaining day/year. I brought home some overgrown Magnificents to add to some others, a couple of new seedlings that I grew that are now about 3-4 years old and 3' tall. Also a multicolor to replace the one that I lost. And a few palms, but I won't bore you w/ those. Lol!
Here is the Ethel Craig I got from Judy Glock. :) It was very stretched from being in heavy shade. I was amazed how large this plant was being in only a two gallon container. When it was planted, the shock from its getting a different sun exposure and growing conditions caused about 50% leaf drop. It has rebounded very well. All of the new green leaves may be a result of its positioning to the north of my oak tree. It is getting a very sparse dappling of light with the sun's positioning towards the southern hemisphere. As the sun makes its advance towards the northern latitudes, I expect that it will color up with time. :eek:

Thanks again Judy & Jim! :cool:


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