Largest Leaf Croton ?

Jeff Searle

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I'm still simply amazed everytime I walk by my Captain Gilbert Cutler croton for the size leaves it puts out. The plant itself is about 7' tall and just recently took some airlayers of of it. I think a close second for leaf size might be a good healthy Diane. Also, I have a Sybil Griffen ( was told it was a large form) that has produced some huge leaves like the Captain, just in a different shape.What other crotons have jumbo size leaves in your garden?

If we are going to get into a size contest, best to specify how the leaf was measured, i.e., with or without the stem. ...and what constitutes 'big' - total leaf area? in which case Diane is the winner in my yard with Col. Gilbert Cutler a second. Length of leave from tip to start of stem is 14" - then add another 3-6" for the steam. I may have to try a digital photo or two....

FWIW, the Thais consider our fascination with large leaves somewhat gross or tasteless.

For tonight, a tape measure will have to do.

Croton Name (stem length + leaf length) x Maximum width inches

Cornbread (3 + 12) x 5.5
Col. G. Cutler (3 + 13) x 7
(3 + 14) x 8
(2 + 12) x 7.5
Tiffany (4 + 13) x 5
Davis # ? (3 + 15) x 6.3
Diane (6 + 14) x 7
Majesticum (2 + 22) x 3/4

Onward through the fog,

Is this big enough? This is Big Red - 15" leaves, not counting the petiole (that's an 18" ruler):


We'll have some tears being shed after this weekend. Judy and I are headed to the Keys to harvest about 35 airlayers. I'll take out the ruler....I mean yardstick and measure a few of Judy's "giants". She has a couple that we use the leaves for surfboards when they drop. Jeff, I have seen your dwarf Areca by the must be something in your soil. :)
Why are all you Americans all about size?
Okay, I'll jump in!

What about putting the croton in shade to stretch this deemed illegal by the International Olympic Croton Committee?
Took a look at Big Red in the book and at my Col GCs. I'd vote for a high confidence level in Col GC for the one in the pic. This croton does wierd things in different light conditions. Got to remind myself that naming crotons from a pic is more art than science.
onward through the fog,
In keeping with Phil's method here are some from the Keys:
Dreadlocks (4+25 1/2) x 1 1/2
Col Gil Cuttler (3 1/2+14 3/4) x 7
Commotion (3 1/2+15) x 7 1/2
Sybil Grif (3+17) x 8
Davis Hy (3 1/2+17) x 7
Rheedii #3 (2 1/2+15) x 7 1/4
Magesticum (3+26) x 1
Frank Brown (6+15) x 8
Glen Roof (2+13 1/2) x 2 1/2
These are recent pictures of the Commotion leaf and the leaf from Sybil where we took our measurments.

I know that the Commotion followed us home from the D.R. several years ago.


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Today I was relaxing in my yard next to my sybil and rafeal, wondering if one of these years I'd be a liquid fertilizer guy, and what my crotons might look like.
It leads me to the question, have those plants received liquid fertilizer?
(Sorry to be slightly off subject, just when the anticipation was building.)
I have (had) a Stoplight that has 3" leaf stem/14" leaf length. I say had because after the winter it returned with all large dark purple leaves and no longer looks like Stoplight.
I have (had) a Stoplight that has 3" leaf stem/14" leaf length. I say had because after the winter it returned with all large dark purple leaves and no longer looks like Stoplight.



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Diane is the largest leaf Croton in my garden now. 13"x6.5" with a 4" leaf stem. This is a Air layer from Ray last fall.


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Not a monster leaf but pretty respectable for a Thomas Edison in my opinion. Photo is shot through the fence by my son James. 14 inches is not exactly small though. :)


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Here is another one becoming a giant leaf plant.


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Here's one of the Davis plants. Not huge but 13" and about half that across.


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:cool: 3" leaf stem, leaf 15.5" x 7"


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Here's the largest croton leaf in my yard - 14 inches, not including stem. It's Charles Rutherford, obtained from Jeff Searle's a couple of months ago. It's starting to leaf out very nicely!


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