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I was at Keith's place a day or two ago and was admiring the beautiful hybrids he has created over the years. I had to take some photos to show the forum, but I've got to say that none of these do the plants justice. You've really got to see them in person to appreciate the nuances. Keith has had the luck of getting many interrupted hybrids. He must have some interrupted stud or madam amongst his many plants that is extremely prolific. Here are a few photos to share.

Cleopatra is already in the wiki, but I wanted to show some detail of what makes Cleopatra so special. Maybe there are others, but I have not seen a croton that interrupts on an oak leaf. Cleopatra likes to do this, but not only that, it interrupts in several ways. I hope you can appreciate a couple from these photos:

One of my favorites is a hybrid Keith named after his niece, Tonya Hanks. Unfortunately, Tonya lost her battle with breast cancer, but has this beautiful plant to remember her by. Tonya Hanks interrupts at almost every leaf, giving her a remarkably delicate, wispy appearance. The backs of the leaves have a pink/red blush that stands out against the green/cream and yellow fronts.

Tonya Hanks-Keith.JPG
Tonya Hanks-Hanks.JPG
Tonya Hanks-Hanks.JPG
Eden is a high-contrast plant. Bold, bright yellow, orange and red on a semi-oak leaf with patterns of very small to very large polka dots. The kind of plant you'd expect to come across in... you guessed it... The Garden of Eden.

Tye Dye-Keith.JPG
Tye Dye-Hanks.jpg Tye Dye-3.jpg
Tye Dye-4.JPG

Tye Dye is also in the wiki, but I felt we needed to have more photos to show its true character. This is one fickle plant. Tye Dye doesn't know what kind of leaf shape it wants to have, so it just tries almost all the leaf shapes. I have several photos of this one so you can try to find as many shapes as you can. Now, you may just want to focus on the gorgeous rose pink color instead, because that would be reason enough to covet this plant. Another of my favorites.

Aphrodite is another versatile semi-oak featuring yellows, oranges and finally pinks. The color is sometimes suffused, sometimes marbled, and sometimes comes in small or large polka dots. Beautiful plant not captured by my photos.
Shogun is a Stoplight seedling. You can see the Stoplight influence in the shape and color of the leaves. However, it's got this cute little upturned thing going on at the tips of the leaves- sort of cobra-style.

Freak Show-Hanks.jpg
Freak Show-3.JPG
Freak Show-Keith.jpg

Last for tonight, but definitely not least is one Keith named Freak Show. Now this does not seem fair to this strikingly beautiful plant. What was he thinking? This beauty interrupts a whole, whole lot and has bright yellow and red coloration, background ages to black. Gorgeous.

That's it for tonight, but let me tell you that Keith has many, many un-named hybrids I plan on photographing some other time. Stay tuned.
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Wow! Keith, thanks for your work. I could imagine some of these looking really super in the Keys. Anna, thank you for posting these pics and exposing us to Keith's sweet crotons. Keith, my "Titan" you gave me is cruising right along, I'm expecting some nice growth out of it this year. I'll post a pic on this thread later.
Keith's fabulous collection has been well hydrated by other people drooling all over his plants.
The interrupted leafed variety is a favorite of mine. Never have seen the oak leaf interrupted - that Cleopatra is VERY cool. Tye Dye is quite beautiful with the pinks and many different leaf shapes. Thanks, Ana for posting these pics. Mr. Keith Hanks - I applaud you for these stunning hybrids!
Mike, I didnt have a Tie Dye at the last auction. Tonya Hanks is one hybrid that I will be giving out now, Tim, I have one for you. Key West is the last vacation we spent together before she passed. Thank you Ana for posting these pictures.
Nice job Anna. Keith are you still breeding crotons or is it cordylines now? I have a nice piece of your Cameo.
Chris, I only work with crotons. I did buy 400 different cordylines awhile back from Hawaii- - like I need to collect anything else! [cameo is not my hybrid ]
Good to hear you're still working with crotons. Well I did get the Cameo from you. Thought it was yours.
Should have seen the huge Pretty Bird that Jose displayed at the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society Show. :GardenLove It was amazing, alas I did not bring my camera.

Keith, is Pretty Bird your hybrid? :MeanWeed Its not seen on this coast very often. :(
Pretty Bird, and Three Toes wre hybrids of Steve in Ft.Myers. He is no longer into crotons
We had a Society meeting at Keith's place. Here are some photos...I wouldn't attempt to identify some of them:


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Here's some more: by the way, the meeting was held in August, 2008


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Tim, hope you get some neat plants out of those seeds. Ron, Titan is a plant that came from John Bender. Ive had it many years and no one could give me a name, so I call it Titan. It gets huge leaves with a strange shape. awesome plant.