Karen - update 9/11


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Karen has made it through her first night of chemo with flying colors. One episode of the chills and fortunately, no nausea. She's even eating a bit of the lousy hospital food. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, they are definitely working. I'll be home Monday night and will send out a bulk email to everyone on my list. But I'll be checking in here in the evening around this time.

Phil, sorry I missed your garden. Promise, next year I'll be there, hopefully with Karen.

Love to all.

Plant Nut

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Ricky, thank-you so much for the update on Karen's treatment. She has been gentle on mind, since you first posted the notice. I only met Karen once; that was last year, at your Croton Meeting. However, I have been praying for her recovery, more than you can imagine and will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. So, please keep us posted!


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Although we've never meant, I hope that doesn't exclude me from extending my hopes for a successful outcome.


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Agree with Dean, Ricky we've never met but you & Karen are amongst friends. My continued support and good karma thrown her way, sounds promising.

Phil Stager

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If Karen is eating hospital food, she is definetely on the mend. Connie took a load of pics so you should see some of them shortly. Get well soon!


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Ricky, I have never met you or Karen, but feel I know you from this site. Keeping both of you in my thoughts.