I've been wondering what this may be......


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I bought this from a vendor, having it named "pink petra" , he knew it wasn't, but didn't know what it was.... so I said.... why not...... It's showing some color now so I took some pics this am.​


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This was my first post with pics..... sorry for the repetitions. But I got it done.... Just want to take a second to say what great work all the participants do here on the site, have learned so much, and had so much enjoyment seeing all the varieties, and colors
! Was curious what light conditions it may do best in... I've got an area under the old mahogany tree that gets direct early morning light .. intermittant midday, and direct late day thru sunset, and I call it my pink zone, lol
because it really seems to bring out pinks. Even have a King of Siam that has a real burst of a pink blush to it.

If anyone has a pic of their pink Davis as a mature plant, would enjoy seeing them. Thanks, Mark
Mark - I was hoping that Kurt & Mike would comment on your post. My Pink Davis ID was based on the plant Mike gracously gave me awhile back. I was not 100% sure, but their eyes have confirmed my suspicions. According to Kurt (as mentioned in another thread), the Pink Davis is attributed to Ralph Davis but is actually an Al Cutler introduction. As stated by Kurt, not a very common cultivar - so you made an excellent acquisition.

As far as sun exposure, I can only go by Mike's recommendation. He told me if it was left heavily shaded, I would get large leaves but not much pink colors. If you give it some sun, you'll get smaller leaves but some very nice pink colors. Sun exposure is relative. Mike is very familiar with my garden and knows its pretty well shaded. His suggestions were probably based my garden conditions. The mahogany tree area seems like a good spot except for the strong afternoon sun scenario. Strong afternoon sun could wash out the colors. Perhaps if you planted of fast growing croton just to the west of Pink Davis, it could provide some relief from the strong afternoon sun rays.

Ron :)
I was out of town but ditto on what Ron says.My shaded one looks great,very healthy but not too much pink.I will try and post a pic when I get home today.
GOSH, Thank you Moose, and Kurt for your replies. I goota say, for being here and there on this sight, I don't know how I missed the several replies and the pic Moose posted of his pink davis. T hanks again, and will post an updated pic soon