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The Silent Seed

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Please excuse me if this is in the wrong place - I could not find another place to "put" my intro.

I just got introduced to this site - and it looks great! Has a good feel to it. I have a rare / unusual plant business called The Silent Seed, in the "Frozen North" - Zone 5b, in Massachusetts. I'm 34 (almost 35, Sept 10), deaf, and passionate about plants, my nature classroom, and books. You must be wondering how I grow my plants - I converted a beautiful, old post and beam barn/garage into a plant house, with lights and such - it will be undergoing some improvements this season to retain heat better, but it is always a joy to wade through snow, and enter a tropical jungle!

I look forward to getting to know you guys (and gals!)
Jude, Welcome to Palmpedia! Zone 5b wow! You must really be passionate about plants. Can not wait to see pictures of your plants here.
Hi Jude,

Welcome to P-Pedia! One good thing about growing tropicals in Mass is that your competition is limited! How does that old barn do with the high temp and humidity you need to grow, does it cause rot or other problems? Did Bob Vila and Norm work on your barn?

I know a little about hearing problems as I'm half deaf myself. I can't imagine being totally deaf. Show us pics of your operation.

Hi! Welcome to Palmpedia, which I like to think of as the "libertarian's" palm and tropical plant forum because we have a lot of freedom here.:)
Can't wait to see pics of your set up!