Illegible Tag - Any Ideas on its ID

Marie Nock

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This is a plant that I've had for many years and the tag on the main plant is no longer legible. The label may have just listed the source because I remember most of the names of my plants but I'm clueless. Any ideas on an ID?

I have this as coppinger's hybrid very small


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No clue here Marie, but it looks very beautiful. Is it an orphan, does it need to be adopted? :confused:

Looks like you have been very busy, never seen a growing bench with that much room at your place. LOL :D
Marie, i have a plant that is006.jpg005.jpg very similar to yours. It is not a Coppinger hybrid. I think this plant is Cutler's Gulfstream, It is smaller than Coppinger hybrid, but more colorful reddish leaves.
Hi Marie,
I can't really help on your ID, but the plants from Lamar & Jose do not look like yours. The shoulder is too pronounce on these plants compared to yours.