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Please, help me with ID for this variety


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The plant in natural condition in Phuket. I think it might be the same variety.


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I’ve got “Robert Lavalois” – and these varieties are quite different if compared.

“This one” has got longer hanging down leaves.

R. Lavalois’ leaves are more “accurate”, hard.

R.Lavalois easily sports to absolutely green in shadow, “this Chryssophyllum?”, on the contrary, often tends to become absolutely yellow (under electric light).


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Here is what I have as Chrysophyllum. It is under a shading canopy and only gets diffused sun light. The "yellows" are soft, pastel and creamy like. :)


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This is what I have as Robert Lavalois. This croton gets much more sun and has a vigorous growth rate compared to the Chrysophyllum. The "yellows" are much sharper and robust, almost a yellow-orangish color.

In the second photo, you can see that shaded portion of the plant keeps green leaves. The same experience that Sergey has with his plant. I usually cut these green branches off. If they remain, they will grow towards the light and color up. I cut them off because the older green leaves will remain green. I will have a long leggy green croton with only variegated leaves at the top.

Jeff and I were checking out Mike Harris' Robert Lavalois when Mike hosted a garden tour last May. Mike has his under canopy in a somewhat shaded aspect. His plant had very nice yellows although shaded. We figured that since his plant had equal diffused light hitting it on all sides that it was retaining its variegation. Go figure? :confused:


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Sergey, Im amazed at how good your plants look, I think I will rip mine out of the ground and grow them in the garage under lights!!!